Our lawyers have been involved in various publishing projects and have co-authored a number of legal publications available in Poland.

The Law Firm has prepared English translations of:

  • Code of Commercial Companies in co-operation with Wolters Kluwer Polska (2015),
  • The Law on Copyright / The Industrial Property Law in co-operation with CH Beck (2014),

  • The Pharamaceutical Law and the Act on the Reimbursement of Medicines, Foodstuffs Intended for Particular Nutritional Uses and Medical Devises in co-operation with CH Beck (2013),

  • The Public Procurement Law and related Acts in co-operation with CH Beck (2012),

  • Civil Code in co-operation with CH Beck (2011).

Our publications for foreign investors:

  • Wind Energy in Poland (2011) – in co-operation with TPA Horwath,

  • Report on the scale of customs seizures of goods suspected of infringing intellectual property rights in Poland and the European Union (2010),
  • Poland. A place to live and work (2010) – in co-operation with the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency,

  • Doing Business in Poland (2010) – in co-operation with Ernst & Young,

  • Polonia: un país generador de oportunidades. Claves legales para la inversión (2008) – in co-operation with Polish Agency for Enterprise Development,

  • The real state of real estate (2008) – in co-operation with Ernst & Young.