If trusting the best saves a great deal of time, then working with the Labour Law Practice will give you even more, not only valuable time. Our many years’ experience coupled with our wide professional knowledge mean that our advisory services give a high level of legal safety and at the same are effective in business terms.

Our analyses and advice are based not only on the meaning of legal provisions, case law and legal literature, but also on a wide range of practical knowledge. We point out legal risks that could arise from certain actions, based on our clients’ expectations and intentions. We seek solutions that minimise legal risk and at the same time achieve business aims.

We regularly track planned changes to the law, which means we can inform our clients in advance how the new provisions will affect daily application of labour law. Following the spirit of the times, we have started a blog where we give the latest comments on critical employment issues.

Trusting that joining forces is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success, we want to provide you with legal assistance at the highest level from the moment we gain your trust until together we achieve your business goals.